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Retro is Chic – New Heritage Amenities on American Airlines

Traveling First Class or Business on American Airlines this month? Get ready for a new retro chic perk for the luxury traveler. American Airlines is introducing new, limited-edition heritage amenity kits that pay tribute to American Airlines heritage airlines. The collectors’ items will revive the colors and logos of nine airlines, past and present with retro-branding including: American Airlines, AirCal, Allegheny, America West, Piedmont, PSA, Reno Air, Trans World Airways (TWA) and US Airways.

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Inside each will be the eco-friendly “red flower” amenities from New York used in some of the world’s most famous spas. The heritage amenity kits in international Business Class contain fabric lining, a pair of socks and an eye mask styled with the colors of a specific airline, a toothbrush and toothpaste, Scope® mouthwash, covers for Bose® QuietComfort® Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headsets provided with each seat, earplugs, a pen, tissues and hand lotion, lip balm and wipes by red flower.


What’s even cooler is the felt case inspired designer bags can be sized specifically to be re-used as a mini-tablet computer case. Customers can experience the retro-themed heritage amenity kits through January 2016 when they travel in international Business Class or transcontinental First Class. Frequent travelers will have the chance to collect them all as the legacy themes will debut in batches every three to four months.

One more reason I’m loving the “new” American!