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15 Lessons to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Ignorance is a wonderful thing when you’re starting a business because you don’t know what to be afraid of. ~ Barbara Corcoran

As I  approach my 10 year anniversary of the founding of Luxe Social Media,  I wanted to share 15 lessons that I have learned that have kept me on the path of success. No matter what field you are in, owning your business is exciting, risky and challenging. So whether you are thinking about starting your own business or currently an entrepreneur, here are a few essential tips I’ve learned to help you grow and succeed in your business today.

  1. Work with people who appreciate your value. Say NO to those who do not. Over the course of a decade, I have actually fired clients, usually when there is a management change and goals are not aligned.
  2. Determine your value or someone else will for you.
  3. Bigger business does mean not better business. I’ve found doing a job well for fewer clients translates into bigger success.
  4. TRUST your instinct. If it doesn’t feel right, you are probably right. My instinct has been spot on over the years. I’ve learned to trust this inner voice.
  5. Continue to evolve your business and don’t be complacent. You can only imagine how my social media business has changed over the past 10 years! I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t shift and evolve with the times.
  6. Ignore the naysayers. I once had someone say to me, “How’s that ‘little social media thing’ going for you?” I replied, “Really well thank you” with a gracious smile. If only this person knew just how WELL!
  7. Spend money to make money. Invest in your business to grow even when you think you can’t afford it.
  8. Life is not a straight line. When you see an opportunity, don’t be afraid to turn left, then right and grab it. We’re missing opportunities every day due to fear and distraction. What is distracting you?
  9. Choose quality over quantity in every last detail from scope of work to who you work with.
  10. Have FUN! Why do something you don’t love? I wake up every day excited to promote my clients because they are the best of the best + nice people too! This is not WORK and why I keep my client list small and tight! I never want to lose the passion.
  11. Network! Network! Network! My most loyal clients have been built on pre-existing relationships. When you have trust, you create a successful partnership.
  12. Let adversity and competition motivate you to fine tune your business to be the very best it can be. Nothing lights a fire under me more than competition. I may look sweet, but watch out. You are just making me a more successful person.
  13. Find a MENTOR – Someone who challenges the way you think and gives you a new perspective. I have had one over the course of the years outside of my industry, and it has been insightful and motivating.
  14. Continue to learn. An expert should always be a student.
  15. Empower others. We all rise with the tide.