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5 Beauty Tips to Stay Gorgeous in the Sky

While I’m a huge fan of traveling, flying can take a physical toll. Did you know airline humidity in cabins can be as low as 4 percent in older aircrafts? It’s no wonder we feel dehydrated and exhausted after a long flight. Here are five of my favorite easy-to-find carry-on products to keep you looking gorgeous at 35,000 feet.

(Malin + Goetz) Replenishing Facial Serum: I stumbled across this one by accident. I was make-up shopping at Bloomingdale’s and saw the beauty brand which I first became a fan of in hotels like The Betsy– South Beach. This is a light and non-greasy serum, extremely hydrating and keeps your skin glowing.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand CreamThis cream contains 20% Shea Butter (3 x’s the amount of other creams) which the French company sources from Burkina Faso. Your hands will feel baby soft. I covet this cream, and you’ll often find travel sizes in airport shops.

The Honest Co. 3-in-1 Facial Towelettes: I always wondered if celeb-owned company products were really worth it. But honestly, I’m a fan of Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company. You can feel good knowing that you aren’t applying chemicals to your face with this plant-based facial wipe. It’s perfect for removing make-up on a long haul flight.

Emergen-C: Look, I know First Class comes flowing with all the bubbly your heart desires, but trust me, nobody  wants to start a vacation hungover, dehydrated and sick. Pass on the champagne and order some bottled water and drop one of these fizzy packets into it. Pretend it’s an exotic drink and your immune system will thank you for the boost.

Rewetting Eye Drops: There is nothing worse than your eyes feeling dry and irritated after falling asleep watching a bad movie. Pack any type of re-wetting drops from Visine to Opti-Free to relieve those tired eyes and  your eyes will suddenly sparkle.

So…Bon Voyage, Gorgeous! When you arrive, they’ll be saying, “Darling, you’ve been flying all night and look so well-rested! Just how do you do it?”







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